Waze Is Now Setting Up Carpools

Waze Is Now Setting Up Carpools

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These days a lot of us rely on Waze to get us where we want to go and reduce our time in traffic, and while more cars on the road may be a good thing for them, their latest venture is actually seeking to reduce the number of people driving each day.

The Google-owned navigation app has just launched a service to help hook people up with carpools. The Waze Carpool app was initially tested in Israel and California but is now being launched nationally. Those interested in finding a carpool share simply have to enter their commute time, and home and work address, and it will spit out carpools available during that time. They then just have to request a ride and wait to hear back.

Folks can also register a desire to drive people, and can even charge for it, but it’s not exactly a money-making venture. In fact, Waze only allows people to charge enough to cover gas, insurance and other vehicle costs, with the maximum charge 54 cents a mile. Drivers are also limited to two rides a day, again, to prevent anyone from trying to make money off the Carpool app.

“Our mission has been all about finding a solution to traffic,” Waze CEO Noam Bardin says. “But traffic is getting worse and worse. There is no way out. There are just too many cars and not enough roads.”

Source: USA Today


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