Elite Daily’s List Of 8 Dad Fails

Elite Daily’s List Of 8 Dad Fails

“8 Dad Fails That Only Make You Love Your Father More

Remember when your dad talked about that thing that was “lit AF?” Yeah, dads should never use slang like that, but it only makes them more endearing. In honor of Father’s Day, Elite Daily has come up with the following list of dad fails that only make you love your father more:
  1. When he tried to do your hair when you were younger.
  2. When he butchered the words to that trendy song on the radio.
  3. When he totally blanked on the name of the person you’re seeing.
  4. When he tried to cook something new and burned it instead.
  5. When he thought he could fix something, but ended up making it worse.
  6. When he couldn’t recall the exact story about how he met your mom.
  7. When he tried to go clothes-shopping for you and it was a fiasco.
  8. When he tried to use slang and scarred you forever.”

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