Hey, I’m JC and we get to spend time together every weekday from 10 – ­Noon. I am originally from
Lexington and still live there with my wife and son but I love my daily commute to Frankfort. I get
to work with a great group of people and I get to interact with this awesome community everyday.
I love music, Kentucky Basketball, a good action movie, the ocean and spending time with my
wife and son.

I guess my radio story started when I was in Kindergarten and was asked to play the part of
announcer for our production of The Twelve Days of Christmas. My character name was Ivan
Earful and even though I was incredibly shy at the time, I got up on stage in front of everyone and
didn’t forget a single line. I was actually pretty shy all the way through high school but I loved
listening to the radio. I used to call in and make requests….a lot…..I’m pretty sure I annoyed my fair
share of DJ’s back in the day. How else was I going to know when I needed to hit record on my
cassette deck so I could finally complete my mixtape? One Saturday morning I discovered Casey
Kasem and then Rick Dees and loved the countdown shows they did.

I first saw the inside of a radio station at the age of 17 when I became an intern for a group of radio
stations in Lexington and I haven’t looked back from there. I started at Star 103.7 in May of 2007
and I love working for this radio station. Get in touch with me anytime at JC@Star1037.com or the
studio lines at 502­223­1500 and I hope to see you out at one of our events soon.

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