The Triple M Game

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30% of us have forgotten these numbers. What is it?
Answer: PIN Number

Husbands will spend around 50 dollars during the holiday season on this for their wives. What is it?
Answer: Lingerie

Over 85% of people will buy this during the holiday season. What is it?’
Answer: Scotch Tape

90% of us have about 24 of these in our house..
A: Gift bags!

Close to 70 percent of us played this game as a child..What is it?
Answer: Twister

30% of people do this at their home, while 70% do it somewhere else. What is it?
Answer: Wash their car.

The smell of this makes 40% of women happy…what is it?
Answer: clean sheets

This is one of the biggest times of the year to get them, and the average school kid get about 3 of them a year..what is it?
Answer: colds

You do this about everyday and it usually last about 6 seconds..what is it?
Answer: a yawn

When feeling blue, 50% of women will buy this…What is it?
Answer: Makeup

This morning, a lot of people will eat their breakfast here…where?
Answer: The Car

Out of 9 people, at least one person, has made this mistake with their car
Answer: Gone through a car wash with a window down

There was a time when most of us could do this, but now 90% of us can’t read this.
Answer: Roman Numerals

Every year 800 million dollars worth of these are stolen…what is it?
Answer: Shopping Carts

More than 50% of men have kept this item from their childhood.
Answer: their first baseball glove

This is the #1 item in the average American’s food pantry…
Answer: Mac & cheese

70% of people say they have these tucked away in storage. What is it?
Answer: Their high school yearbook.

If you’re an average person you’ll do this four times today, and do the exact opposite thing four times as well.
Answer: start your car/shut off your car

Once a month, 33% of Americans eat this for dinner
Answer: Cereal

The average pet spends 21 hours a week doing this. What is it?
Answer: watching TV

According to doctors this is the most overlooked and neglected location of harmful bacteria on your body… where?
Answer: Under Your Wedding Ring!

According to a new study, 52% of employees say this is the number one thing they like about their workplace. The other 48% of employees say it is the number one thing they do not like about their workplace.
Answer: Their coworkers

65% of people don’t know how to do this. What is it?
Answer: swimming

In a new survey “I love this present” came in 2nd for common lies, followed by “Sorry I’m sick”…what lie is told the most and came in 1st place?
Answer: I’m fine

The average person does this multiple times a day, and it usually lasts around 6 seconds.
Answer: a yawn

18% of people have fallen asleep and snored here. Where is it?
Answer: a movie theater

One in twenty of us is wearing this right now. What is it?”
Answer: wearing mismatched socks

20% of homes have this that doesn’t work and they have no desire to fix it.
Answer: doorbell

The average male teen owns 3 of these. What is it?
Answer: owns 3 sports jerseys

10% of women have gotten this plastic item from their partner for Christmas…What is it?
Answer: Ice scraper

11% of people have angered another driver in the parking lot doing this… What is it?
Answer: stealing a parking spot someone else was waiting for

One out of Three people say they have one of these everyday, what is it?
Answer: A Nap!

Around 10% of us have seen a man wearing this, in the past month..what is it?
Answer: Mullet

Almost all of us have one of these that we haven’t used in a year. What is it?
Answer: key on a key chain

A person’s name is the #1 tattoo that is removed. What is #2?
Answer: A Dolphin

The average person has 6 of these in their kitchen that they got for free. What?
Answer: Coffee Mugs

When writing the items on a grocery list, this item is misspelled most often ..What is it?
Answer: Mayonnaise

When asked what non-traditional thing you enjoy for breakfast, 1/3 of people said…
Answer: Soda

More women than men do this while they are driving to work. What is it?
Answer: Drive on empty