A First Of It’s Kind Cat Cafe Opens In Louisville.

A First Of It’s Kind Cat Cafe Opens In Louisville.

Purrfect Day Cafe just opened it’s doors today in the Highlands of Louisville, and it’s the first Cat Cafe of it’s kind! You can schedule time to play with the cats for $10 during the week and $12 on the weekend, and you can even adopt them! (If interested)

The owner is considered a foster parent and has partnered with Kentucky Humane society to make sure these cats are taken care of. Because KHS has a no kill policy he is getting the cats from other programs, and saving their lives by finding them homes. They even have a counter on their website that shows how many cats they find homes for. Their goal is to find 300 new homes. They will have 15 at time, and 4 in the foster room. Every time one is adopted they plan to bring in one more.

Now although this place is kid friendly if you’re over 10 and with an adult, this is really for all ages. They encourage everyone to come out, and the owners feel that more people are in there, the better. There will be a bar with adult beverages as well as coffee and tea.

You have to check this website out, click here!


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