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Fast food chain to offer duck Sandwiches Starting October 20

  Arby’s confirmed this week it is adding a duck sandwich to its menu for a limited time. According to Extra Crispy, the new sandwich features “premium duck breast, smoked cherry sauce, crispy onions all on a signature Arby’s bun.” It will be available in 16 states–mostly in the South, West and Southwest–starting October 20. […]

Lady Gaga Confirms Engagement

  On Monday, Lady Gaga confirmed longstanding rumors that she and Christian Carino are engaged when she called him her “fiancé” at Elle‘s 25th Annual Women in Hollywood Celebration. “Thank you to all the loved ones in my life,” Gaga said during a speech as one of the night’s honorees. “My fiancé, Christian. All the loved […]

Ariana Grande Addresses Pete Davidson Split for 1st Time

  Ariana Grande took to Instagram on Tuesday night to share a message that appeared to address her recent breakup from fiance Pete Davidson. “Time to say bye bye to the internet for just a lil bit,” she wrote. “It’s hard not to bump [into] news and stuff that I’m not tryna to see right […]

Hacks That Force You To Drink More Water

If there’s one thing we lie to our doctors about, it’s how much water we drink (after we’ve somehow convinced them that we exercise three times a week). Being hydrated plays a huge part in our overall health, so if you’re forgetting to drink enough water throughout the day, here are some tips that will […]

New Zealand’s Bird of the Year Is a Drunk Pigeon Called a Kereru

  The kereru, a large pigeon known for getting drunk and falling out of trees, has been voted New Zealand’s “Bird of the Year.” The kereru likes to eat rotting fruit, which contains alcohol and results in the birds getting tipsy. “There are a lot of videos around of kereru getting drunk and stumbling around […]

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