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Woman Swims with wild Orcas!!

Luckily, A nearby photographer caught most of the swim on his drone, and you can watch it here. A Orca expert also notes, "She was never in danger," and that "Orca's have never attacked in the wild." **Fun fact - Orca's are the largest of the dolphin family. So they are just as smart and [...]

CDC Reminds Us Not To Eat Raw Cookie Dough

  While you’re baking this holiday season, the CDC wants you to remember not to eat raw cookie dough. They recently issued a warning to “Say No to Raw Dough” to bakers because uncooked cookie dough is unsafe because flour is a “raw agricultural product” and hasn’t been treated to kill germs that could be […]

Gifts for Your Significant Other (That Are Secretly for You, Too)

This list of gifts compiled by BuzzFeed consists of items that both people in a relationship can benefit from. Here are 10 of them (click here for complete list): A question per day journal with lines for both you and your SO (Amazon, $13). It’s a fun exercise and might spark some interesting conversations. An Amazon […]

Lady Gaga Wants a “Hugely Elaborate Wedding” With Fiancé

  Lady Gaga reportedly wants to have a “hugely elaborate” wedding with her fiancé, talent agent Christian Carino. “Gaga is so over the moon at the moment. She is constantly telling those close to her how grateful she is to be at this point in her life and work with such incredible artists and be with […]