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New Talent Competition Gets Post Super Bowl Spot

  Get ready for another new talent competition. Only this one has opened up the competition to those around the world. CBS has announced that their new reality show, “The World’s Best,” will feature elite acts from around the world, all competing to be considered the world’s best. It will be hosted by James Corden […]

“Orange Is The New Black” Saying Goodbye in 2019

  The cast of Orange Is the New Black announced Wednesday that the seventh and final season of the show will air on Netflix in 2019. “I’m so grateful for the fun times, the knowledge, the friendships, the love, the family that we have created together,” Uzo Aduba, who plays Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren, says […]

How To Win Over Your Mother-In-Law

  Trying to connect with your mother-in-law can be intimidating. Sure, you probably met her long before she actually became your MIL, but now you’re married to her baby, and you want to make sure your good impression becomes a good relationship. She’s family now, so you want to treat her as such (especially if […]

7-Year-Old Feeds Homeless For His Birthday

Shamar Thompson had a special wish for his birthday this year – to feed the homeless. The seven-year-old’s mom was surprised by her son’s request and excited to make the generous wish come true. One day after school, his family and friends gathered to feed those less fortunate in New Orleans. As Shamar served the […]