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How Do Wildfires Get Their Names?

The New York Times decided to take a look at how these blazes get their official names. The short answer is: pretty randomly. Unlike hurricanes, wildfire names are not plucked from a predetermined list. Rather, they’re typically based on geography and are often named by whatever firefighting personnel gets there first. “You could have a fire […]

AGT: Goth Comedian Brought to Tears When All the Judges Love His Set

  On Tuesday’s episode of America’s Got Talent, 32-year-old goth Oliver Graves surprised the judges when he revealed that he’d be doing stand-up comedy for his audition. Graves went on to deliver several self-deprecating jokes. “I once had my identity stolen. It’s okay, they gave it right back,” he deadpanned. The set received a standing […]

Justin Bieber Asked Stephen Baldwin for Hailey’s Hand in Marriage

  In a very traditional move, Justin Bieber reportedly asked for Stephen Baldwin’s blessing before proposing to his daughter, Hailey, on July 7. Bieber met with Papa Baldwin, who’s now a minister as well as an actor, several weeks ago. Asking for permission from Hailey’s dad seems rooted in the pair’s Christian values, which Bieber […]


  George Clooney is fine but recovering after he was hit by a car in Sardinia on Tuesday. Clooney had departed his Costa Corallina hotel on a motorbike when he was hit by a car at around 8:15am local time. Clooney, who’s on the island to film Catch-22, a six-part miniseries based on the classic […]

The Weirdest Wikipedia Articles

  Wikipedia is full of so many weird articles that it’s tough to boil them all down. But the website recently took time to come up with an exhaustive list of unusual articles, which Lifehacker narrowed down even further. Below are some highlights; click on the links for many, many more: Phobophobia: Fear of having […]