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Family’s Christmas Presents Stolen From Apartment

With Christmas just two weeks away, the holiday didn’t seem like it was going to be merry and bright for a Michigan family. A mom in Galesburg had gifts for her nine-year-old child wrapped and under the Christmas tree when someone broke into their apartment and stole them. The Michigan state police trooper who responded […]

Woman Swims with wild Orcas!!

Luckily, A nearby photographer caught most of the swim on his drone, and you can watch it here. A Orca expert also notes, "She was never in danger," and that "Orca's have never attacked in the wild." **Fun fact - Orca's are the largest of the dolphin family. So they are just as smart and [...]

CDC Reminds Us Not To Eat Raw Cookie Dough

  While you’re baking this holiday season, the CDC wants you to remember not to eat raw cookie dough. They recently issued a warning to “Say No to Raw Dough” to bakers because uncooked cookie dough is unsafe because flour is a “raw agricultural product” and hasn’t been treated to kill germs that could be […]

Gifts for Your Significant Other (That Are Secretly for You, Too)

This list of gifts compiled by BuzzFeed consists of items that both people in a relationship can benefit from. Here are 10 of them (click here for complete list): A question per day journal with lines for both you and your SO (Amazon, $13). It’s a fun exercise and might spark some interesting conversations. An Amazon […]