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Things We Learned From Selena Gomez’s Twitter Q&A

Selena Gomez took a wide range of questions from fans during a Twitter Q&A on Monday. Q: Weirdest rumor you heard this year about yourself? A: Lately? That I’m moving to Europe… so random. Q: Dream collaboration? A: Eminem! Q: What is one piece of advice you live by? A: Treat others how you wish […]

What To Watch Tonight 8/15

PRIME TIME TV Bachelor in Paradise On ABC (Season 3 alumni Carly and Evan tie the knot in Paradise; the cast tries to regain momentum following a production lapse; a woman is disappointed by a date card going to someone she thinks doesn’t need it.) Somewhere Between On ABC (Laura suspects Tom is lying to her, […]

Aaron Carter May Have A Terminal Illness

Aaron Carter alarmed fans on Monday when he gave an emotional radio interview and shared that he recently taped an episode of The Doctors that will feature “a big reveal” about his health. The 29-year-old singer, who openly weeped as he talked about his bisexuality and his estranged relationship with older brother Nick, later apologized on […]

Taylor Swift Wins Assault Case Against Former DJ

The jury in Taylor Swift’s groping trial sided with the pop singer after four hours of deliberation on Monday. E! News reports that an eight-member jury, comprised of six women and two men, unanimously decided that Colorado-based DJ David Mueller did assault and batter her. Additionally, the jury found that Taylor’s mother Andrea Swift and […]

Stuntwoman Dies on ‘Deadpool 2’ Set

An unidentified stunt-woman died on the set of Deadpool 2 today after she lost control of her motorcycle and smashed through some windows at Shaw Tower in downtown Vancouver, B.C. According to The Province, the driver was the stunt double of Zadie Beetz, who plays Domino, and was supposed to jump a curb and crash into an office […]